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The Fuse (2021)

30min   |  Sizzle for a Feature

An American ex-military team seeks to break into the mercenary industry. For their first mission, the women are contracted to cause chaos and disruption in the midst of a pandemic and during the height of a social movement.

When their first mission goes awry, the MERCs are wrongfully accused of terrorist activities in a political scheme and become wanted fugitives. 


The Fuse was made in the Seattle area in August 2020 over the course of 5 days. With the vaccine not available at the time, the cast took precautions during the lockdown to make this film and minimized risks whenever possible. 


This demo aims to inspire the  development of a feature film.

Starring in Order of Appearance

Thora... Katie Gibbons

Blair... Chelsea Quinn

Raven... Tori Bond

Eve... Adrienne Smith

Fiona... Jade Hopkins

Jenny... Julianne Chryst

Boyfriend... Matti Arnold

Leah... Maleah Woodley

Bobby... Darius Bunce

DR34D... Krista Kay

Stuntman... BamBam

Executive Producer... Adrienne Smith

Produced by Katie Gibbons & Sasha Santiago

Written & Directed by Sasha Santiago

NFT the fuse
Adrienne Smith the fuse_edited.jpg

2022 Feature Film in development 

The Fuse's 30-min short has had a very successful film festival run across the planet in 2021. The producers of the project have developed a mid-level prequel feature as the follow up. 

L O G L I N E 


When a mercenary turned freedom fighter loses her family in a conspiracy perpetuated by local law enforcement, she must take matters into her own hands before more innocent lives are lost. 

S Y N O P S I S 


On the run from a covert operation gone wrong, former military contractor EVE (Adrienne Smith), does her best to safeguard her family's future from a distance. Her efforts are futile when her brother DELROY is unfairly targeted by accusations of voter fraud. In the melee surrounding his arrest their father succumbs to a stroke, forcing Eve back into civilization. She resolves to help her brother and sets her sights on SHERRIF DAVIS, the truly corrupt leader of the local militia, and Davis' crony political backer, CORMAC STONE. Drafting in the help of her former unit and numerous good samaritans, Eve masterminds a bait and switch - causing a disturbance at a polling station and implicating Davis and her militia in voter suppression and sedition. As State Police and Federal Authorities are called in, Eve is finally able to exact revenge on Davis and Stone, and hand justice to the countless people that got in their way.

Fuse Feature
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Adrienne Smith – Moonshine Films Producer / Writer / Actor


Adrienne is a multi-hyphenate with experience that runs the gamut from hosting a television show in Japan to developing film and television properties for the U.S. market.  With an MBA in Media & Entertainment from Columbia Business School, Adrienne has proven herself to be a proficient project developer.


Adrienne's screenplay was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2013 Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays.  With years in acting and television hosting experience, Adrienne continues to develop her craft under the tutelage of the incomparable acting coach, Susan Batson.  Adrienne currently portrays a small character role in season four of “Orange is the New Black,” while she remains focused on building a new production company geared towards developing and distributing exciting films and original series made by multi-ethnic talents.

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Sasha Santiago – Producer / Writer / Director


Sasha is a dramatist. A multi awarding-winning filmmaker with 20 years experience in writing, producing, and directing high-concept, small footprint, well-executed content.


Sasha is constantly evolving with the times and is optimistic about a type of cinema that's more participatory. His forte is building emotionally charged crime thrillers with strong female leads. Sasha currently splits his time between a fictional film developer and an AR game design director in the energy industry. 

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