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Moonshots and Unicorns (M&U) aims to be a fantastic docuseries with colorful characters and multiple storylines told throughout a 4-part season premiere. The series will move swiftly to capture the pioneering days of the cannabis industry in New York and use a transmedia approach to market the show across multiple media platforms.


Taking up the mantra that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere… this present day show is about the people behind the brand-new market for growing and selling cannabis in the Empire state. Furthermore, leading with bleeding edge case studies and points-of-views from trailblazers on how the rise of crypto, Web3 (internet on the blockchain), and the feverish movement of NFTs connect to cannabis.


The M&U narrative centerpiece takes place at RecRoots, a real-life farm in small town Elmira, N.Y. The farm is one of over 160 first-ever licensed cannabis growers in the state. The show introduces a tight-knit partnership made up of family and close friends trying to stay positive as they face the archetypal obstacles of any start-up. Challenges such as retrofitting their greenhouse facility, overcoming regulatory barriers, balancing the budget, interpersonal conflicts, exploring a net zero energy plan, growing premium crops, and implementing a Web3/NFT game plan to make their products.


As we get to know the real-life principles leading the show, one of the most important tenets in the episodes will be stories of social equity injustice told through compelling reenactments. In addition, we’ll watch the principles ideat on a cannabis roadmap containing community building strategies that are tied to NFTs and locally owned renewable energy assets and even workforce development. It’s a radical ploy to create a model that could be executed in other soon-to-be 420 friendly states and towns.


The audience M&U is primarily addressing are the “Early Majority.” These are the people who love cannabis and are tech savvy enough to open their own digital wallets and claim their very first NFTs. The show will focus on extracting and shaping narrative threads across multiple media platforms to ultimately be an out-of-the-box edutainment experience native to web3 but still easily accessible through traditional web2 platforms.

The producers of Moonshots and Unicorns, Sasha Santiago and Devon Vert, are at present seeking visionary and strategic investors eager to participate in the show's genesis stage and continual narrative growth.

The private sale of the following is for the development of the Moonshots and Unicorns TV Pilot. All NFTs for the pilot episodes are considered Access Tokens and associated wallets will be whitelisted to engage in the pre-sale of Moonshots & Unicorns NFT public sale. 

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