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Making Guerrilla Films

Outside the Margins of Mainstream

When crime reporter Dahlia Delgado begins to dig into the violent history of a rogue 38 revolver, she finds herself caught in a web of deception and corruption that leads her deep into the heart of the city's criminal underworld. As she uncovers layer after layer of corruption and cover-up, she realizes that this is just the tip of the iceberg in an ongoing battle between the forces of good and evil.

Culprits' "Blood Under the Bridge" is the first episode in a gripping new crime drama series that explores the dark corners of the city and the people who live and die there. With complex characters, interconnected storylines, and a virtual environment that immerses you in the action, this pilot episode sets the stage for an epic journey into the heart of the criminal world. So come along for the ride and see where the story takes you as the clues unfold and the stakes get higher with each passing episode.

The Corona 5 | 2020/21
In the summer of 2020, a filmmaker journeyed across the American West, making a series of no-budget pandemic films in states such as Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, and Washington. With his camera gear and a Tundra pickup truck, the Brooklyn native sought out creative communities and made films with them, often casting, writing, and shooting within days. One film, "The Fuse," was completed in under four weeks.
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Moonshine Films, founded in 1999 by Sasha Santiago, is a film production company that operates outside of mainstream norms. We strive for a more inclusive film ecosystem that empowers and enables independence through new creative methods. Our films are made by passionate individuals who aim to address real-world issues, not just those specific to the film industry. Despite the abundance of content available, we continue to push boundaries in storytelling, performance, and the ways in which cinema can be created and shared in the current era.


Moonshine Films'
New York City Epoch
2010 - 2020

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