XRnoir Studio

Cinematic Virtual Worlds

XRnoir Studio is a new media group that produces immersive stories told across multiple media platforms. 

Studio collaborates with visionaries, thought-leaders and organizations seeking an entry point into the next iteration of the interweb known as Web3.


We offer strategic production services and community building insights for groups looking to engage their base in fresh new ways. 

E-mail: ss@XRnoir.com

Moonshots & Unicorns is an edutainment property produced that positions cannibis as the gateway to the metaverse. A fantastic, cross-platform, docu-series with colorful characters and multiple storylines told throughout a 4-part season premiere. The live-action series will move swiftly at capturing the emerging days of four Web3/NFT centric IRL projects and the pioneering community and underpinning technology that’s driving them to be trailblazers.  

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Grid Edge Labs designs tools and leads immersive learning experiences that push for localized clean energy solutions while addressing our present climate challenges. Through serious play, Future Relics creates engaging ways for young people to discover better practices and new career paths that aims to deliver a sustainble energy future - sooner.

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Gridiron Queendom is the premier destination in the metaverse space for women and girls around the world who play, or area fans of, American football. XR3 Studio is producing the campaign for worlds first NFT collection dedicated to women in football. 

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Cinema on the Blockchain

For the development of its first Live Action series made for the #Film3 space, Studio is launching REELER tokens to engage community around an interactive and immersive cinematic endeavor called Blood Under the Bridge.  


Blood Under The Bridge - A live-action crime drama series about a cyber exploit of thousands of never before seen police body cam footage clips leaked and two civilian women caught in the middle of the dangerous game of cover-up.

Blood Under the Bridge is the first installment of a Web3/Film3 anthology produced by Film3studio.

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