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DeFilm (Decentralized Film) is on a mission to revolutionize the indie film scene outside the margins of mainstream by harnessing the power of web3 technology. We believe in three core principles that guide our work:

  • Decentralization: We believe in a decentralized approach to film production, where decision-making is distributed among a community of creators and innovators. We reject the old Hollywood model of centralized control and instead embrace a more collaborative and democratic approach.

  • Innovation: We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in film, using cutting-edge technology to create new forms of storytelling and new ways of engaging with audiences.

  • Community: We believe in the power of community to drive innovation and inspire creativity. By building a community of passionate cinephiles and film enthusiasts, we aim to foster a culture of experimentation and risk-taking.

We believe that the future of film belongs to those who are willing to take bold risks and experiment with new technologies. We are committed to paving the way for a new generation of filmmakers, and we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can create a new era of cinema that is more inclusive, more innovative, and more inspiring.

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E-Book Release

August 15, 2023

Decentralized Filmmaker - Written by Sasha Santiago


Are you an independent filmmaker looking to take your craft to the next level? Do you want to tap into the power of the decentralized web and leverage new technologies to create, market, and distribute your films? Look no further than "Decentralized Filmmaker: A Guide to Web3 for Indie Filmmakers." This groundbreaking guide offers expert insights and step-by-step instructions on how to harness the full potential of web3 technologies, including NFTs, DAOs, and more. Join the growing community of decentralized filmmakers and unleash the full potential of your art.

Thanks for your interest!


Blood Under the Bridge (Series) is an original crime drama series consisting of 6 episodes set in the Pacific Northwest. The show follows the story of crime reporter Dahlia Delgado as she investigates the violent history of a rogue 38 revolver and gets caught in the middle of a multilayer maze involving police bureau's cyber exploits and criminal cover-ups. 

The series aims to be developed for a DeFilm space and was recently a finalist for Decentralized Pictures' Andrews Bernard Award.

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Moonshots & Unicorns is an edutainment property produced that positions cannibis as the gateway to the metaverse. A fantastic, cross-platform, docu-series with colorful characters and multiple storylines told throughout a 4-part season premiere. The live-action series will move swiftly at capturing the emerging days of four Web3/NFT centric IRL projects and the pioneering community and underpinning technology that’s driving them to be trailblazers.  

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Grid Edge Labs designs tools and leads immersive learning experiences that push for localized clean energy solutions while addressing our present climate challenges. Through serious play, Future Relics creates engaging ways for young people to discover better practices and new career paths that aims to deliver a sustainble energy future - sooner.

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Gridiron Queendom is the premier destination in the metaverse space for women and girls around the world who play, or area fans of, American football. Film3 Studio is producing the campaign for worlds first NFT collection dedicated to women in football. 

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