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Moonshine Films is a production group that exists outside the margins of the mainstream.  Virtual Cinema Studio is a transmedia genre entertainment arm being incubated through NFT marketplaces.


We strive for a more holistic film ecosystem that empowers and facilitates independence through new creator methods. 

We now live in a Covid variant world and as a collective group of creators from sea to shiny sea, we're good at finding new pathways to success that allow us to build movies on our terms.


A Moonshine picture is made by people passionate about the movies and wants to solve the human problem - not the movie problem.

It might be the era of superabundance, but that doesn't stop us from feeding our desire to search, experiment, and be willing to fail hard because we're ambitious about pushing storytelling, performance, and challenging the ideologies of how films can be built in the 2020s. 


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Sasha Santiago

A digital storyteller and entrepreneur. Sasha's work mixes story, play, design, and code to tackle cinematic storyworlds and

other complex challenges

in the edutainment sphere.

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