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Cascadia Filmworks is a boutique video service agency lead by award winning filmmaker, Sasha Santiago. Currently based in the Pacific Northwest, the aim is to provide high quality professional and creative video services for a fraction of the price and turn around period.


Sasha is a storyteller with experience in drawing out and shaping narratives for a number of industries. Feel free to reach out and share your vision and goals, Sasha offers free 1-hour virtual ideation session.


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Cascadia Filmworks creates unique video content for your business or private needs.

Branded Content

Show, don't tell. 

Your branded content aims to tell a story, but simply telling it is not enough. You need to show your audiences how great you are by genuinely sharing your brand's beliefs in the content you create.

Hit a nerve.

The branded content stories you create should appeal to your audience's emotions. Your messages should inspire your audience to get involved, change their perspective on something, and inspire them to continue doing business with you because you've piqued their interest.

Introduce characters who personify your brand's core values.

If a viewer sees people in your stories that they can relate to, they are more likely to connect with your brand, which makes them more likely to become customers. It's important to recognize this, and use real stories of real people in your branded content, so your audiences can truly see themselves.

Create stories that highlight the benefits of your product or service.

While your branded content won't focus on advertising your products or service as regular marketing content, it's important to highlight their benefits in a new light to show your audience what you're about. The way to do this is to build a compelling and genuine narratives. 


As audiences can pick up on inauthentic attempts to make a connection and won't hesitate to call this out, bringing about the opposite desired effect. 

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