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Welcome to an advance preview of our pilot episode. We're currently collecting feedback and raising  funds so we can prepare and launch a film festival & YouTube debut campagin for this film. 


One of our goal is to get 250,000+ views on YouTube so we may plan to continue shooting this wild series. 

After you watch the pilot, please fill out the feedback form. If you wanna chip in some bucks, see all the ways you can do that below! 

Thank you for your nominal (or generous) donation in support of our indie film. We currently have a $2,500 matching grant from a patron who participated in the April 27th screening event at St.Johns theater. 

This test screening & fund raiser goes until Sunday, May 28th. 

Send a check: P.O. Box 86774 Portland, OR 97286

Want to talk with the director about a future project:


Sasha Santiago |  |  954.609.626

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