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Sasha Santiago is a filmmaker known for his raw, authentic storytelling and resourceful approach to production. He specializes in crime thrillers and dark comedies, writing and directing his own films that have earned critical acclaim and numerous festival accolades worldwide for their gritty and realistic portrayals of complex human emotions and controversial social issues.

When not creating cinematic works, Santiago is also a sought-after brand storyteller across multiple media platforms. In addition, Santiago turns his attention to producing educational and thought-provoking videos on a range of topics in different industries (e.g. energy and publishing), including support for challenging new social justice policies such as stronger gun control regulations.

Excited about the future of film, Sasha is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of storytelling using cutting-edge technology and decentralization principles of web3.

Moonshine Films was established in 1999 as a Guerrilla film production group that makes short films, features and script series across the United States. 


DeFilm is a coalition on the forefront of leveraging emerging tools to produce indie cinema for the web3 space and pioneering the film medium into the incoming decentralized evolution. 


Grid Edge Labs designs tools and leads immersive learning experiences that push for localized clean energy solutions while addressing our present climate challenges

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