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I'm an autodidact filmmaker by trade. 

Building community around great ideas thrill me. Making movies with others has always been my vocation.

For 20 years, I've honed in on my craft as a writer/director, creative producer, cinematographer, editor, cross-platform marketer and community organizer in multiple industries.  

These days, I'm curious about shaping narratives for the Web3 space. I see the decentralized movement as a time for visionaries, technologist and entrepreneurs to pioneer audacious projects in radical and immersive new ways. 

Moonshine Films was established in 1999 as a Guerrilla film production group that makes short films, features and script series across the United States. 


Cascadia Filmworks is a boutique video service agency based in the Pacific Northwest that produces branded content and other speciality videos from marketing to personal stories.


As a global media group that collaborates with thought leaders or organizations looking to think outside-the-box, XRnoir experiments strategic entry points into the Web3 space. 


Grid Edge Labs designs tools and leads immersive learning experiences that push for localized clean energy solutions while addressing our present climate challenges